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 The Stranger - Arek Barton's RP Thread

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Darth Kannabis

Darth Kannabis

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PostSubject: The Stranger - Arek Barton's RP Thread   Tue 10 Nov - 14:14

Character Name: Arek Barton
Character Age: 15
Character Hometown: San Diego

The strange man watches as the dice bounces across the board. His grin increases as the dice roll to a complete stop.

"Six hundred thirteen!" he declares. "My my, you are a lucky woman indeed!" He reaches underneath his stand and retrieves a strange looking red and white ball, which he places in your hands. He reaches underneath again and pulls out a black backpack, and gives it to you. "Your adventure begins today, young woman, and I guarantee you it will be worth the enigma you have witnessed here."

There is a puff of smoke that obscures your vision, and when it clears, the strange peddler is gone. The only evidence of your encounter is the backpack you've slung on your back, and the strange ball you hold in your hands.

Curious, you open the backpack and take a look inside. Contained within are five more red and white balls, a couple of glass bottles labeled 'Healing' and filled with blue liquid, a box of matches, a small container of tinder, and $1000. You feel rich.

You have no idea of the adventure the strange old man mentioned, but you know you should get out of this alley. You look both ways and decide to head towards the light of the city, slinging your backpack over your shoulders as you turn to the left.

You exit the alley and notice a strange building in front of you, across the street. You could have sworn there was nothing like this building before. In large, BOLD yellow letters it reads
POKEMON CENTER. A large red and white ball, not unlike the ball you hold in your hands, displays on the roof of the building between the two words. Something inside you is telling you that this should be your first destination.

You cross the street and enter the building, taking in the sights and smells of the place. There seems to be a waiting lobby that could fit twenty people, and half the seats are occupied. Behind a desk in the back of the building stands a short woman with vibrant pink hair, and behind her is a strange machine, the dimensions of which you can't really make out. You walk towards her, and she greets you with a smile.

"Welcome to this Pokemon Center. My name is Nurse Joy. How can I help you?"

You're taken aback by her calm and cheerful demeanor. "Well, my name is Arek and I'm wondering... what is this place? And what's a Pokemon?"

The smile never leaves Joy's face, and she calmly explains to you exactly what Pokemon are, their purpose, and what the Pokemon Center is for. As soon as she's sure you understand everything, she again poses her original question. "How can I help you?"

You smile in return, finally understanding the 'adventure' the strange old man had mentioned. "I guess this," you start, motioning towards the ball in your hand, "is a Pokemon, so... I'd like you to heal it, and then point me in the best direction to get this party started."

The woman takes the ball from you and inserts it into the machine behind her. After a series of beeps and dings (which you could swear sounded like a musical jingle), the ball pops back out and Joy hands it to you. Then she smiles and points in two directions.

"To the east is a central park area, where many trainers go to battle each other and hone their skills. To the south is this city's Pokemon Gym, where trainers go to battle the Gym Leader and obtain badges that help to strengthen their Pokemon. I advise you to head towards the park first so that you can gain some battle knowledge and strengthen your Pokemon before challenging the Gym Leader, but of course it's your decision."

You scratch your chin, thinking hard about the choice that lie before you. Do you...

A) Go east, to the Park

B) Go south, to the Gym

C) Do something else
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PostSubject: Re: The Stranger - Arek Barton's RP Thread   Wed 11 Nov - 14:22

C) Do something else

"I prefer not to..." She pauses for a second to think. "I have some other questions, like... What Pokemon do I have? How do I feed them? What are they for? I need to understand this." She continues to ask question after question, possibly not realizing that she's not giving Nurse Joy enough room to breath and answer them all.

"How about you direct me to a Library where I may be able to understand the functions and history of what is going on here" She looks back at Nurse Joy after throwing as many questions as possible as her, only to decide on the matter herself.
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Darth Kannabis

Darth Kannabis

Posts : 38
Join date : 2015-10-20
Age : 33
Location : Anywhere

PostSubject: Re: The Stranger - Arek Barton's RP Thread   Thu 12 Nov - 5:43

You chose C.

Nurse Joy looks at you and smiles. "I can answer most of your questions. Firstly, I cannot tell you what kind of Pokemon you have; you'll have to release it to find out. Unfortunately, I cannot allow you to release your Pokemon in the lobby, as it is against company policy. You can release it outside if you like. I can also offer you a room here at the Pokemon Center for $5 a night, if you'd prefer that, and you can release it in your room.

"Secondly, Pokemon can eat most human food. They can be picky, however, which is why PokeGrub was invented. PokeGrub is a nutrient rich food specially made to appeal to all types of Pokemon, and is well known for not needing to be cooked. You can find PokeGrub at most PokeMarts.

"Thirdly, Pokemon are pets and companions, and are used for personal bodyguards, as well as to run various functions in the cities across the region. People who own and train Pokemon are respectively known as Pokemon Trainers. Trainers enjoy adventuring the region with their partners, catching other Pokemon, and battling other Trainers. Many Trainers turn it into a lucrative career, becoming Gym Leaders or joining the Pokemon League.

"Lastly, the Crash City Library is open from 8am until 8pm. It is currently..." She pauses to glance to glance at her watch, "... 9:30pm."

She takes a deep breath. "It's obvious you are new to this region, and to Pokemon in general, so I want you to have this."

She reaches under the desk and brings out a large red electronic device. It looks like an old-fashioned flip phone; in fact, it resembles the original Motorola Razr, but with an antenna and a large camera on the back. Plus, it's almost as big as a tablet. You cock your head sideways at the device, obviously confused.

"This is called a Pokedex. I was given a dozen or so of these to give out to new trainers, but you are the first one I've met that is obviously in need of the device. It records information on any Pokemon you see, as long as you scan it, as well as holding phone numbers so you can call people while you travel. It can hold a limited number of apps such as a storage app for your Pokemon and a radio app for music, and charges through exposure to the sun. You can thank Silph Company for this device, it really does have everything a trainer might need."

She places her hands calmly on the desk between the two of you and looks at you, waiting patiently.

What now?

A) Get a room

B) Head for the Park

C) Head for the Gym

D) Something else
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PostSubject: Re: The Stranger - Arek Barton's RP Thread   

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The Stranger - Arek Barton's RP Thread
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